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I am the first to admit that my group chat with my best friends on Whatsapp/Facebook/Windows Live (there are various platforms) is pretty much all about men. How our relationships are, who we are hooking up with, the terrible sex we have had or the mind-blowing sex we had – no topic goes undisclosed. There are screenshots, there are photos, there is every form of girl-counsel under the sun… and all in one place. Group chat rules!

Interestingly, Blend, an app that combines group texts with images and videos did some research to get down to the nitty gritty of how much we associate our group chats with S-E-X. It turns out, a lot. Analyzing over 200,000 users, Blend discovered that over a third of millennials talk about hookups in group chats every week, at least. Some talk about it once a day! Some even more! *la di da*

Which dating apps are talked about the most? There were three that outshone the rest: Tinder at 42%, Bumble at 25% and Hinge at 16%. Men seem to talk about dating apps with their buddies in group chats a lot more than women do. It turns out 79% of the time it was men who were talking about the swipe-tastic life, leaving women talking about apps a lot less at just 21% of the time.

Top emojis used? Obviously, number one is the heart-eyes-face taking over 16% of messages. Coming in second is the winky face at 14%, the angry-arms-crossed lady at 11%, the ever-fun (and explanatory) eggplant at 11%, followed by the red lips at 5%.