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Do you fit the mold of a hopeless romantic? Like, ridiculously hopeless? Are you the friend who relates every single lyric back to long lost love, the roommate who orders lyrical love poetry to the apartment? Are you the person who watches The Notebook at least once every few months (um, hello – the greatest love story of all time), or the sibling who recounts each minuscule detail of every romantic gesture experienced…multiple times?

Urban Dictionary defines a hopeless romantic as a person who is “in love with love.” All are idealists, the sentimental dreamers, the imaginative and the fanciful. They often live with rose colored glasses on.

To all of you nodding your head in unison – welcome, and rejoice! A study undertaken by Sarah Vannier, Ph.D., a postdoctoral fellow at Dalhousie University in Canadathe, for the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships has revealed after surveying 270 people from the ages 18-28, that holding onto the Ally and Noah idea of fateful, destiny-driven romance is a GOOD THING – and those who defined themselves as those romantics, were associated with greater success in relationships, commitment and satisfaction.

“People with romantic beliefs did have higher expectations, but they were also more likely to see their partner as meeting those expectations,” Vanier told Glamour.  “It is hard to say whether this is because they are seeing their partner through rose-colored glasses—e.g., their beliefs about Prince Charming make them think their partner is Prince Charming, even if other people might think that he is a frog—or if this is because they found and chose a partner who meets their expectations.”

The best thing pulled from this study? “Our data suggests that having romantic beliefs and romantic expectations is not necessarily a problem, at least for young adults who are involved in a relationship,” Vanier said. “So if you love romantic comedies and romance novels, don’t worry about it!” Thank god.

Any sentimental dreamers with rose colored glasses on free to watch The Notebook this weekend? Hit me up!