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We’ve all heard it before – your body language can attract a possible mate. As humans, we are prone to making a judgement based on how attractive you find someone in the first five minutes of meeting them, however a new study conducted by PNAS has suggested that we should be conscious of not only our potential match’s appearance, but their posture as well. In the online dating world, the five minute decision is made in five seconds – which means we really need to start talking posture, people.

The Extension

According to the study, if you literally extend yourself you can make yourself more attractive to a potential partner. Body postures that included a stretched torso and widespread limbs doubled the odds of success.

The Power Stance

Take up some space! “We’ve seen it in the animal world, that taking up more space and maximizing presence in a physical space is used as signal for attracting a mate,” study co-author Tanya Vacharkulksemsuk told CNN. “By exerting dominance they’re trying to signal to a potential mate ‘I am able to do things, I have a space in this hierarchy, I have access to resources.'”

The Mover And Shaker

The study of 144 speed-dating sessions, looked for nonverbal clues of attraction through posture and facial expression. Those that gestured and moved with their hands DOUBLED their odds of scoring a second date.

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