Let’s Talk LOVE

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I think you should all be aware, that everyone who knows me knows I am an absolutely hopeless romantic. Like, ridiculously hopeless.

For me, falling in love is finding someone who knows you back to front, all at once. Love is finding someone who makes you feel like your best self around them –  who loves you no matter what, no matter when, no matter how. Your heart tells you that person is good for you.

Here, I asked several women at different corners of the world what they think it means to fall in love.


“I think love is finding pleasure within the mundane. Like, sharing headphones on the morning commute. Reading the newspaper aloud to one another. Spilling coffee, bumping into strangers, muffling each others loud giggles as to not upset the crowded car. Seriously, if you can enjoy the morning commute in NYC, that’s love.”

ANGELA, London

“Love is feeling like your best self being around one particular person. It is looking at someone in your life and appreciating how much better they make it. It is being able to put someones wellbeing before your own. That’s definitely how you know. Their happiness becomes more important than your own.”



“Falling in love is when one person consumes your thoughts and your heart beats faster when you catch them looking at you, knowing they feel the same way. Love means many things. Most of all, love means family – all the pride, worry and hope of the people you love rolled up into one.”

ELOISE, Melbourne

“Falling in love is finding someone who is always interesting, who makes you grow. Being with someone who makes you laugh and who you know you can live an adventure together with in both the ups and downs.”

LEIGH, Tennessee 

“Falling in love, no matter how fleeting or resolute, means that you are alive. You care for another person and think about them obsessively, confirming that you’re not just coasting through life without taking chances.”


VALENTINA, Barcelona

“A lot of people have a very romanticized way of explaining what it’s like to fall in love. For me it’s looking at the other person and accepting them in all their faults and loving the little things – the quirks and the annoyances. [It is] putting the other person and their feelings first, (even if it means your ego might cop a beating), it’s for the sake of the other person’s happiness, and in return you get an overwhelming sense of joy from that. Falling in love is the easy part, staying in love is the hard part.”

FRISHNA, Long Island

“Love is the reason we breathe, its why we are alive. Falling in love is when you don’t need anything else. The good life becomes grand in the extraordinary without anything at all. It is game changing.”

What does love mean to you? How do you explain falling in love?