Rachel’s Impromptu (Third!) Date with Matt

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This is the latest post from our Los Angeles-based Date Reporter Rachel Nina Schwartz. She’ll be documenting her experience dating in LA. Catch up on her story here

With summer in full effect LA (June is always a wash, so beachtime really gets going in July) there are some excellent opportunities for beach dates. The dating culture out here is much more daytime oriented and into having a coffee/tea/juice or a bike/surf/hike date than what I’ve ever experienced in NYC. There are pros and cons of course: Doing outdoorsy things precludes wearing heels and eyeliner (which I like to employ on dates), but, on the upside, you can bet that the guy taking you on a surfing date is going to be tan and have a killer body. And you know that super sexy thing guys do when they get out of the ocean and shake their heads a bit to flick the water out of their hair? Yeah, that gets to happen.

After my dinner date at Gjelina (which by the way is excellent, and also a great date spot) with Matt, he phoned me on Friday afternoon and asked if I’d like to go to the beach. Yes, obviously! This impromptu beach date encompasses all the perks of my LA experience this summer: living 15 minutes from the beach, dating people who work in TV and have flexible schedules, my being a freelancer and also having a flexible schedule.

I grabbed a towel, some sunglasses, and threw on a bikini (after remembering to make sure my legs were shaved and moisturized and spf’d). Twenty minutes later I was riding his bike while he maneuvered beside me on his skateboard. We picked up cookies and iced coffee on the way, avoided collisions with motor vehicles, locked up the bike, and found ourselves a nice spot on the sand.

Matt and I get along well. Conversation is easy, he’s nice but not too nice, he’s flirty without being inappropriate or too aggressive. But I think one of the reasons we had such a great time at the beach is because we both love it. Doing something that makes you happy is even better when you’re with another person who loves it too.

Doing something that makes you happy is even better when you’re with another person who loves it too.

We asked a somewhat trustworthy looking stranger to watch our belongings, and ran off into the waves. Though it was a pretty calm day, as luck would have it I was smacked around by the one big wave to hit the beach. I lost my sunnies (poor choice to wear them in the water, I know), my bikini top and bottom came most of the way off, and I managed to surface with a bloody nose (piercings don’t like big waves I guess). I’m a good sport and usually a strong enough swimmer, but after that Matt wasn’t letting me out of his sight, and it was nice to feel looked after.

When we got back to his place, I’m sure you can all guess what happened. After all that time lying around half-naked in the sunshine and splashing in the ocean, the only right answer is a post-beach makeout. I wanted to stay longer than I did, but I had dinner plans and was already running beyond late.  I tore myself away from our sandy, salty, sweaty, sexy coupling and left Matt to head into the circle of hell known as 6pm Friday LA traffic.  Dinner was fine, but the text I got from him the following day was better: “Last night my bed was like sleeping in a sandbox … brought back good memories though!”

Rachel Nina Schwartz is a designer based in New York who is currently in LA for the summer, where she will be writing about her dating experiences. She looks forward to learning how to surf and reveling in a climate conducive to good hair days. Check out her other project, StateofDate.com