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Single Photographer Creates a Fake Family with Mannequins to Mock the American Dream

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“When are you going to get married?” was a phrase that Denver-based photographer Suzanne Heintz was fed up with hearing. So after years of wondering where she was going wrong with her life, and having to politely answer that annoying question, she decided to create her own husband and kids and make some family portaits.

With a pair of second-hand mannequins, Heintz photographed herself living the “American Dream” in a number of classic scenarios, like Thanksgiving dinner and a family vacation in the Swiss Alps. She told Feature Shoot, “We are all overwhelmed by a flood of insignificant messaging. A message of any significance requires a great effort to be heard. This monumental effort I’ve made is absurd, but it reflects my point. Going through life by rote or spending it feeling as though you did it wrong, are lacking, or not living up to expectations—that’s what is truly an absurd waste of time.”








“PLAYING HOUSE” – Trailer from Suzanne Heintz on Vimeo.

[h/t Feature Shoot]