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First up: Apparently The League’s wait list is now 100,000 people long. That is a LOT of love looking!

For those of you who haven’t heard of The League, it is a dating app that pulls from your Facebook and LinkedIn profile. Sounds pretty straightforward, but it has come under a sh*tload of scrutiny for its ‘wait list,’ where users are judged and accepted onto its ‘private beta’ based on their appearance and employment.

Since it’s launch, the dating app has been scrutinized for elitism, judging a book by its cover/LinkedIn profile, and every superficially-charged phrase under the sun – but now, much like Tinder, they are turning to the (“elite”) world of events and group activities.

Members will now be able to create group chats, group interest forums, and organize events. While The League has toyed with user events in the past, the premise of The League 2.0 is that members themselves can organize functions, eliminating awkward coffee dates and welcoming a giant bar meet and greet.

Here’s how The League 2.0 works:

On the elitist thing?

“This isn’t the rich kid snobby app,” founder and CEO Amanda Bradford told Techcrunch. “You can tell a lot about a person from their career and education — they are proxies for ambition and drive and motivation.”

“This is about bringing together people that are progressively minded. I think changing the branding, changing our design, our look and feel a little bit, changing app to emphasize the community aspect, underlies our message there.”