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There has been a new study released by the social networking site Badoo, and it has bad news if you are a New Yorker: NYC has been classified as the worst place to be single in the country. FML!

If you are from Norfolk Virginia, on the other hand, you are ready to rumble and coming in hot! Other places with a high singles density include Chandler, Arizona, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Glendale, Arizona, and Akron, Ohio.

The smaller suburbs and cities seem to dominate the list, with metropolitan areas like old New York classified as the worst places to be on the hunt for an S.O. If you are all about your dating apps, however, move to Washington D.C.! They are all the rage there.

The lesson learned? There is a reason your single life sucks if you live in New York. (Finally, a reason!)

Via Glamour.