These Fedora Parkour Bros Are Your Boyfriends and You Love Them

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This is a video of three teenage dudes doing parkour and fedora tricks I found on the internet. It’s like the video in The Ring: if you watch it something bad will happen to you. You will not die. No. You will fall in love with them. All of them. Fart jokes normally turn you off, but something about these guys is different. There is something you can’t resist. Maybe it’s the way they didn’t know how to wear a tie. Maybe it’s their boyish sense of humor. Maybe it’s their shorts.

Whatever it is, when you watch this YouTube video, and see them doing cool tricks with a cool hat and running around an empty hotel in Florida (or somewhere), you fall hopelessly in love. At first you think, “Are these guys for real? They must know how embarrassing this is,” but you realize that they wouldn’t have committed so hard to learning how to do fedora tricks if they were kidding. You love that kind of commitment. They could be that committed to you. And Reddit. And dubstep. And fart jokes. You have sex with all three of them every night – at least in your dreams.

[h/t Videogum]