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I think I can speak on behalf of all females when I say that if you are messaging a guy, especially one that you like, your friends have seen the majority (if not all) of your communication. A newly-launched dating app, Boompi, is taking this to a whole new level – introducing a feature that allows friends to weigh in on, and even type up your conversation with a potential partner.

No screenshots, no coffee dates, no endless hours pouring over your phone! Your girlfriends can literally jump onto your account, which works just like Tinder, and edit your chats with guys in “Ghost Mode”. Sounds like a dream come true for besties – however, it’s currently only women who can use the function on Boompi.

“Only girls have the feature to secretly add their girlfriends to her chats with boys, hence boys don’t have this feature available,” Boompi creator Alejandro Ponce told Teen Vogue. “Every girl can join on Ghost Mode if she decides to, and of course she can secretly be added to her friend’s chats. A girl having a dating chat with a girl cannot add as of now other girlfriends to this chat. Boompi is working on this and will be available in the future.”

Would you ever use this app? What do you think the pros and cons are to “Ghost Mode”?