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There is nothing more natural than closing your eyes when you kiss someone. You succumb to the lips, the lids close, the world quietens, and all senses are lost to the wind as your mouths meet – kissing truly is, one of (if not the) most intimate things you can do when you are falling in love… On the other hand, if one of you does not close your eyes, it is goddamn creepy, and you are most definitely going to be talked about at brunch.

Why do we so easily trust the person we are locking lips with all of our senses, most especially in forfeiting our line of vision? According to a study published last month in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, it is because we want to subconsciously focus our attention on another sense.

Psychologists Polly Dalton and Sandra Murphy studied a group of participants interacting with various physical and visual stimuli. They discovered that the brain can’t fully appreciate the physical when distracted with the visual – so when we kiss, we are focusing on how we feel physically more than what we are visualizing. On a primal level, kissing with our eyes closed gives us more of a chance to evolve towards intercourse, by building momentum and intimacy without distraction.

What have we learned? If you are kissing someone at the end of a first date that has gone AMAZINGLY, keep those eyes shut. If you are kissing someone at the end of a first date you definitely do not want to be intimate with, feel free to take a good look around at the scenery. (Even if you are going to be discussed over mimosas and eggs).