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As single ladies in the dating world, we are always thinking one thing and saying another. Whether we are insisting we love the idea of a double first date (flop), or we are 100% ready to meet the parents (hell no it’s only been a month) if we are really into someone – we won’t speak up! Enter, Honest Monster – your new favorite YouTube channel.

Comedy duo Deidre Devlin and Vana Dabney navigate the terrible truths of the dating game for us! From unboxing the perfect iBoyfriend, the secret behind why we actually go to the gym, how to participate in an awkward threesome, or what would happen if you had a date translator, their sketches speak the (very entertaining) truth.

LA-based comedians Devlin and Dabney write, star in, and direct all of their sketches.

“Modern dating is ridiculous and hard and we wanted to explore that,” Dabney explained. “We have a video in the works called ‘HOW DO THEY KNOW?’ about a girl who is finally in love and happy, so all of a sudden all of her exes start contacting her – of course this is based on real life as this seems to happen to every woman everywhere.” Watch this space!