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Congratulations, if you have a passion for politics then it’s very likely that you’re having better sex than other singles!

Most people say don’t talk politics on first date, and that I agree with. All things being well, you have a second or third date… where politics are most likely to come up. Since the election is looming, let’s navigate what it means to vote which way in 2016. Luckily, has provided the ultimate insight into how politics are affecting our love and sex lives.

Singles’ Party Affiliationgiphy-7

The stats behind party affiliation are interesting, with the Democrats hitting 40% of the single vote. The Republicans count for 19%, and Independents 15%. A large 24% are unaffiliated, with only 2% sitting in the Libertarians category.

Donald Trump Supporters

Trump supporters are 82% more likely to be unemployed, with 116% more likely to talk about an ex on a date… Flop! 79% are more likely to drink beer. 36% of women would ghost Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton Supporters

606% of single Hillary supporters are more likely to be gay, with 43% more likely to be actively looking for commitment. It also seems they have impeccable taste, with a further 129% more likely to dabble in a glass of wine.

The Sexiest Supporters

Get this — of the small percentage of wild Libertarian lovers out there, 57% are more likely to explore an open relationship, 110% are more likely to get jiggy in a threesome, and 80% would drunk dial an ex.

For the sixth year in a row have surveyed over 5000 singles across the United States to let us all in on the do’s and don’ts of single life in 2016. Check back here for more do’s and don’ts from, and see here for full survey results of Singles In America.