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Independent research company YouGov’s recent report showcases that around 60 percent of Americans, both male and female, define themselves as romantic people. Bless!

The difference between gender, however, comes to whether or not they believe their partner is romantic enough. Reportedly, (and somewhat typically), nearly half of women (49 percent), and a third of men (34 percent) say that they don’t think their partner is romantic enough. Keep in mind, this isn’t a very extreme distinction, proving that although the men needs to be reminded about the occasional romantic gesture, so do women!

People who think their partner isn’t romantic enough are less likely to be happy in their overall relationship, with 72 percent saying their partner is romantic happily settled, compared to 38 percent of people who don’t see the spark.

Where is the romance in your relationship? Who holds the winning torch? It’s time to spark things up, y’all! Hint: peonies.