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As we reach out late-twenties and approach the 30 zone, I feel like everyone wigs out a bit. “MY GLORY DAYS ARE NEARLY OVER,” is a common phrase I hear coming from girlfriend’s mouths (alright, and mine). The thing is, according to a recent study, they are only just beginning! *Cue gasps of excitement*

It turns OUT that the sexiest age to be alive is 34. 34! Why? Apparently that is the age we reach the peak of our confidence in the bedroom and take control of our lives. Don’t mind if I do!

According to The Daily Mail, a study of 2000 women has revealed we feel more attractive in our thirties than any other decade of our lives. 64% of women in their thirties feel more attractive and confident with age, while a 34% claimed it was because they were in a better relationship. A further 26% said they were more confident in the bedroom, and one in ten said their sex drive increased.

So, what do we have to look forward to in our thirties? Feeling more attractive and confident, better relationships, better sex, and an increased sex drive. Um, bring it right on please and thank you!