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In case you hadn’t already realized, bad grammar is a dealbreaker! As a writer, grammar is specifically irksome for me – however I think I can speak for all online daters when I say if you’re looking to impress someone, and most importantly score a drink with them, grammar is important!

It seems most people agree with me. Of the 9000 users that participated in a Zoosk survey, half consider poor grammar a deal breaker. 72% are turned off by spelling mistakes, and nearly a quarter think poor grammar equals an uneducated date. When it comes to actual punctuation 93% of singles would be stoked if they received a text with perfect punctuation. has also provided winning insight, finding that 88% of their women and 75% of men say grammar is the SINGLE most important quality they critique before a face-to-face date. eHarmony also teamed up with Grammarly, in which they looked into 10,000 profiles on the dating website, revealing that just two spelling errors on a profile can reduce a guy’s chance of getting a response from a potential date by 14%!

Whatever you do, make sure your dating game is grammatically correct:

Edit your messsage to a match after you have written it and before you send it – double-check your spelling is correct. Words like your and you’re, they and they’re, or their and there are common mistakes: keep a (somewhat trained) eye out!

Use exclamation points
The same study undertaken by Zoosk found that using an exclamation point can increase your chances of getting a response. Try “Hi Jess!” instead of “Hi Jess..” for a satisfying reaction! That being said, don’t go crazy with the exclamation points – it will look like you are hyper-excited… play it cool.

According to’s “Singles In America” survey, using the term “netflix and chill” will give you a 99% chance of a second date. “Ghost” and “bae” are also hot shots for success. Whatever you do, don’t use “on fleek”, this has a -26% chance of success. “LOL” or “Haha” will give you a 255% better odds for a date, and will boost your chance of sex by 39%. Get your giggle on!