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Girls in Japan are Hiding Their Own Menstrual Blood In Valentine’s Day Chocolates

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Typically, the scariest thing you might run across in a box of chocolates is a cordial cherry (because, let’s be real, they are the grossest). However, if you’re an unsuspecting Japanese boy awaiting a Valentine’s Day box of homemade honmei choco, or “true feelings chocolate,” this year you might have way more terrifying edibles awaiting you.

According to a disturbing new trend making the rounds on Twitter, more girls may be embellishing their honmei choco with extra-romantic bits of menstrual blood, spit, or hair, in keeping with a so-called spell that will ensure their love is reciprocated by the recipient of the  chocolates. The Japanese website Naver Matome has posted a series of tweets around the trend, filled with tweets from girls apparently lamenting the fact that their menstrual cycles don’t match up with Valentine’s Day this year.

My advice: Chew real carefully, guys.