Griffin the Dog Needs A Date For Valentine’s Day

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Meet Griffin. Griffin is an adorable California-based Schnauzer mix with a very strange underbite. But one thing is allegedly missing from Griffin’s doggy life — Griffin doesn’t have a date for Valentine’s Day. This, says his owner, radio traffic reporter Kelly Danek, is a problem, which is why her San Diego radio station is holding a puppy love contest to help Griffin find his “pawfect” match.

Questions for discussion: Does Griffin even want a date? Maybe Griffin is happy the way he is. Maybe Griffin is an independent gentleman who doesn’t need some bitch to tie him down. Also, will Griffin even get a say in the winner? The KIFM site says the lucky lady (or man — seems like Griffin’s open) will be chosen by “producers” and “listeners.” That’s a messed up policy right there. And if — if — Griffin does want the date, is it even an option, or is this just some promotional contest to send some probably undeserving Easy 98.1 fans to Palm Springs. Because I have seen his face, I want only the best for Griffin. Don’t play with his heart, KIFM.