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Men Mostly Just Want Girlfriends For Valentine’s Day, According to Reddit

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What do men really want for Valentine’s Day? One redditor asked the community, and the community answered. And according to the community, what men want is girlfriends.

Well, that’s not entirely true. Men want a lot of things. There are votes for blow jobs, chocolates, steak, anal sex, Burger King and chocolate milk. But of the 3958 (as of this writing) responses, most dudes just want someone to love them. One redditor wants “A girlfriend.” Another wants “A………….girlfriend.” A third wants “A fucking Girlfriend,” and a fourth wants “A new girlfriend.” There are also requests for “A girlfriend…Or just a friend. =/”, “A girl that is genuinely interested in me to be with for a little,” “A woman,” “A Valentine,” “Her,” and “Ashley.”

It’ll be okay, guys! There is someone out there for you, even if it isn’t that specific Her or Ashley. There is a Her or Ashely out there for all of us. And if there isn’t, well, we can all take a page from the guy who just wants a “bigger turbo for my car.” When fate doesn’t come through for you, your local mechanic probably can.