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Some people are bummed to be single on Valentine’s Day. These people don’t realize how lucky they really are. There are a gazillion reasons why being single on Valentine’s Day rules. Here are the ten best.

 1. You save money

 From gifts to inflated prix fixe menu prices to tickets to a show, the cost of Valentine’s Day really adds up. Fortunately, when you’re single, you don’t have to pay for any of that. Plus, you can still get that sweet, sweet V-Day candy the day after at a discount. You’ll have plenty of cash left over to…

 2. Treat Yo’self

 If you’re single, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to give some love and attention to the most important person in your life: YOU! Buy some new shoes, light some candles, open a bottle of wine, and eat the whole box of chocolates by yourself. It’s your day. No sharing.

3. No pressure to buy a crazy gift

 It’s really hard to come up with a perfect gift that someone will love, isn’t too cheap or too expensive, and proves that you care. But that’s not something you have to worry about. The only gift you have to give is your presence at wherever you decide to show up.

4. You’ll have the gym to yourself

 While everyone else is stuffing their face full of dessert, you’ll be putting in work. You won’t have to wait to use the treadmill, you won’t have to wipe anyone else’s sweat off the machines, and best of all, those girls from spin class will be off somewhere Instagramming pictures of their food.

 5. You can avoid crowds

The gym won’t be the only empty place: pretty much anywhere that isn’t a restaurant or a movie theater will be much quieter. Valentine’s Day is a great time to go shopping or get a good seat to get some work done at the coffee shop. In fact, I’ll probably have a laundromat party, where I climb inside a dryer and pretend I’m an astronaut.

6. You get to hang out with your single friends

Maybe you want to be part of a crowd. In that case, round up your fellow members of the Red Solo Cup club (a loose affiliation of unattached partiers) and hit the town. Why be alone when you have a city full of old friends and friends you haven’t met yet?

7. You can do something nice for someone less fortunate

On the list of bad things, “I’m single when I don’t want to be” is pretty low on the list. So if you’re sad on V-Day, get outside of your own head and into someone else’s. See what volunteer opportunities there are in your area, or visit a sick neighbor, relative, or Knicks fan.

8. Your odds of meeting someone on a dating site are higher

 Think about it: if someone is at home, dateless, passing the time, the chances of them flipping through Tinder are pretty high. And they might be more open-minded then they’d normally be. I’m not saying you don’t match with people, I’m just saying you’re not necessarily someone’s type! But tonight you might be.

9. You can go on a guilt-free Netflix binge

 Sometimes it feels like a waste of time to watch an entire season of some silly procedural in one sitting. But tonight it’s an obligation. Watching one show for hours at a time is a new American tradition we can all agree on. So settle in and let the autoplay flow.

10. You can do literally whatever you want

 Building an app…lication? Cooking an app…etizer? Filling out app…lications? Do it all. Nothing is stopping you. You are unstoppable. You are unstappable. If you are single on Valentine’s Day, the day is totally yours. Make it count for you the best way you know how.