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Picture the perfect Valentine’s Day evening: box of fancy chocolates, dwindling bottle of bubbly, snuggling up against the frightful February chill next to the person you love most in the world. Okay, so, who is it? If your beloved best friend and partner in crime is none other than, well,  your real life actual non-sexual nonromantic best friend, you’re not alone.  The bread to your butter, the snark to your sweet, the Ann Perkins to your Leslie Knope, the Rebecca to your Enid Coleslaw, the Diana Barry to your Anne of Green Gables, a grade-A BFF is worth at least a dozen boyfriends. So when you plan your evening for the cheesy hallmark day celebrating true and enduring love, wouldn’t you rather spend it with the beautiful sunfish and powerful musk oxen who truly love you unconditionally, always make you laugh and let you cry, and never care what kind of underwear you’re wearing? Ditch the dudes, pull on your granny panties and plan a Galentine’s date with the one (or ones) who are truly never gonna give you up and never gonna let you down. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Go Classic

Nothing’s less romantic than the cliché Valentine’s Day date of going out for a swanky dinner at a restaurant packed with a bunch of googly-eyed pairs of dinguses trying so hard to be romantic right next to you. But hey, if you’re not trying to get laid, you’re beating the system. Make a reservation for two at a top-notch restaurant you’ve been dying to try. Take your best friend and enjoy being the pair laughing the loudest and feeling the least pressure in the whole joint. Bonus: you can go ahead and order that extra bottle of wine and/or splurge-y appetizer since you don’t have to worry about going home and having mandatory sex. Go on girl, go ‘head, get  a little pleasantly gassy and bloated. You’re worth it.

Go Big

Plan your dream best-friend date – go out to a great (or hilariously not-great) movie, get tickets to a play or comedy show, check out that killer art exhibit you’ve both  been meaning to get to, book massages or manicures or a sick tattoo appointment, get a private karaoke room and belt your heart out to the greatest of over-the-top love songs: whatever it is that you both love to do. Wear that outfit that’s always burning a hole in your closet but you feel is too fancy to get away with.  Then hit your favorite bar, maybe dance it out or chat with the other cool strangers who are out and about. I bet they’ll have good stories.

Go Home

Pajamas. Thai takeout (or pizza, or an array of schmancy cheeses, or brownies, or ice cream…).  Spiked hot chocolate. Face masks. Movie marathon. Need I say more? Sounds like a dream date to me.

Party Heart-y

Too many friends too close to your heart? Throw a blowout bash and invite all the loves of your life. You’ll be surprised how many people will be thrilled to have something fun but not goopy to look forward to on Valentine’s Day, and nothing fills your heart up faster than having everybody you love all in one place. Whatever you choose to do with your best gal on the ol’ VD, remember that you shouldn’t just treat your bae like gold on  February 14th: she deserves that sweet sweet lovin’ all year round.