Guy Dons Fat Suit and Still Gets 15 Girls’ Phone Numbers

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Skinny people love dressing up in fat suits and showing us how the world is so hard for those of ampler proportions. Melissa Gorga did it, and made all viewers immediately feel the need to locate something to punch.

Fortunately, a new fat-pretender has emerged, and he’s showing that the world might be kinder than Mrs. Gorga would have us believe. Jason, an athletic-built, college-age bro steps into a pleasantly plump fat suit for a new video on the YouTube channel, “Simple Pickup.” With fat suit and XXL horizontal-striped shirt (why Jason?), he sets out for Nondescript University. The video follows him as he initiates flirtatious tête-à-têtes. Sometimes he calls attention to the “I’m fat” thing, and sometimes he doesn’t. The mainstay, though, is his attractive, confident, Chuck Norris-as-a-boss personality.

Also, Jason’s chunky-focused pickup lines should be copped by all fat people. In one montage, he says, “Does this shirt make me look fat?” Girl: “Not particularly.” Jason: “Good. I’m here to flirt with you.” He walks up to another girl who’s drinking a milkshake and says, “I don’t know if you’re even remotely interested in me or not. If you are, that’s awesome. If you’re not, are you gonna finish that milkshake?”

By the end of the video, Jason accumulates at least 15 different numbers, with a slew of different area codes. That’s right—he did Ludacris very proud.

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