Is This the Best or the Worst Tinder Tutorial Ever?

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Are you on Tinder? Are you a guy who is “huntin for dem Tinder chicks”? Well you’re in luck, because this Dutch Tinder user has created a YouTube tutorial just for you. It’s great, because he has just one simple rule: Have some funny pictures. This makes sense. When you have the limited real estate of just a few pics to show a potential hookup/date/thing who you really are, it’s important to choose photos that show off your uniquely nuanced sense of humor, and also show off your “Fuck The World” stomach tattoo. Watch him walk you through other examples of “funny photos” featuring things like vomit and naked butt flesh, and then come back here and please explain to me how this guy got 12 matches in a row. (?!?!!??!)

[h/t Hypervocal]