‘Justin Bieber Married A Guy?’ and Other Kids’ Reactions to Gay Marriage Proposals

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Sometimes the things the kids say are hilarious, and sometimes they show us that kids are better at life than many adults. This is especially true when talking about gay marriage. In the YouTube series, Kids React, the tots are recorded while they watch viral videos and are then interviewed about what they saw.

In this installment, the Fine Brothers, who make the series, present two viral marriage proposals – one between two men and one between two women – for the Slinky and Barbie set. There’s some initial confusion among the kids, but for the most part, they’re really adorable and tolerant. And then there’s one tiny little guy with Joker eyebrows who’s cute as a button but also kind of needs to be talked out of bigotry.

It’s okay, though, because there’s enough Maxim to outweigh the bad. Watch as he asks, “If I would get a box of microscopes, would I be gay?” This was after being told that “gay” comes from the word, “happy.”

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