15 Relationship .GIFs To Say Absolutely Anything

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Are you finding that you don’t have time to respond to people with actual words? Can’t express the words that an image can do better for you? Small talk about the weather getting you down? In this glorious age of technology, why not let a .GIF do it for you! Here are several you can start using today!

(To a date) “Let’s meet at the taqueria  at the corner.”

(To a friend) “Just got stood up. Warm up ‘The Gilmore Girls’ and chill down the Franzia.”

(To your parents) “Thanks, but I don’t need you to match me with someone.  I’m doing fine on my own.”

(To a friend) “Hey, I just saw that guy/girl you like at this location I am currently at.”

(To a boring date) “Why yes. It has been unseasonably warm lately.”

(To your partner) “No thanks.  I would prefer to not have a threesome.”

(To a date) “This conversation is making me uncomfortable.”

(To a date) “You are quite dull. It will take a lot of wine to get through this evening.”

(To a date) “Let’s go see a movie. I’ll bring some gummi worms.”

(To a date) “I find you quite humorous. I am having a very nice time.”

(To friend or date) “I am going to be late. Traffic is ridiculous.”

(To a date) “You are wearing too much perfume/cologne and it is stinging my eyes and ruining my meal.”

(To a friend) “No I do not feel like going to that particular location. I don’t like the people there.”

(To a friend or date) “I can’t go out tonight. I have to work late.”

(To random people at a club) “Please pay attention to me.”