This is the Wild Way That Turkeys Have Sex

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It’s time that we talked about the star of Thanksgiving. No, no Aunt Ruth’s lazy eye. The turkey. Before that bird hits your plate, does it get to have a romantic holiday romp? And how would that look, exactly?

Wonder no more. Allow us to present your seasonal guide to turkey love. As you’ll see, these birds know how to shake more than a tailfeather. (Sorry.)

A turkey’s out there, trying his best, but she’s not having it. Sometimes it’s more complicated than it looks. What, you were never 16?

Then, even when you think you found The One, she just rushes off right after. Damn.

It’s cool – she’s got other suitors, you dig? Sometimes a turkey’s gotta put a turkey in his place and show a lady he’s number 1.

In the end, you can’t let any haters bring you down. Let the whole trifling farm watch. They’re just jealous.

Image via Veer