Video: What “Chemistry Happens Offline” Means to the Team @ HowAboutWe

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At we help people to spend less time online and more time actually dating. Why? Because we know that chemistry happens offline.

And with 9 days left to enter our “Chemistry Happens Offline” Video Contest, we thought it was only fair that we weigh in ourselves. From the scent of Old Spice High Endurance Deodorant to the trouble with emoticons,  here’s what the HowAboutWe team thinks about chemistry and why it only happens IRL:

Think you can do better? Create a short video that expresses what “Chemistry Happens Offline” means to you and you coud win 1500 bucks! We’re accepting all kinds of submissions — from vlogs, rants, and stories to skits, music videos and short films.

Update: the contest is now closed — check out the winner here

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