Watch What Happens When Tinder Dates Go Horribly Wrong

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One of the great perils of agreeing to go out with someone you met on Tinder is that, no matter how witty your text banter, you actually have no idea what this person will be like in real life. Yes, some of them could turn out to be pleasant surprises — but statistically speaking, some of them will be awful.

“Local Attraction,” a web series concept created by Connor Hines, is only interested in the awful ones. In the series’ pilot episode, Brooklyn food blogger Maeve finds herself on the date from hell with a Wall Street-type who calls martinis “‘tinis” and doesn’t know what the F train is.

Hines told Betabeat that the series, which he’s in the process of crowdfunding, was inspired by his friends, who go on “what feels like 12 [Tinder] dates a week.” At that rate, we’re hoping to god they’re meeting some not-awful people along the way. Otherwise, we might have to call it quits on the swiping for good.


[h/t Betabeat]