‘Will You Marry Me’ Spelled Out in Horse Poop Is the Grossest Proposal Ever

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Some people strew rose petals spelling “Will You Marry Me” on a bed, some leave tea lights reading “Marry Me” on a floor, and some very special souls spell out their proposal in horse shit. I don’t mean like a bad proposal where the woman says, “This is horse shit.” I mean actual horse shit that came out of a horse’s ass that one man has repositioned to spell out the words “Will You Marry Me Cathy?”

The amount of manure maneuvering involved in the formatting of the W and two M’s is both horrifying and a testament to this man’s undying affection. Also, possibly a disturbing fetish admission. Either way, the look on the bride’s face says, “I love you, and I’m happy, but there are some real judgment issues that might call into question your entire decision to propose to me. Also, must I tell this story to our grandkids?” Yes, maam. There is evidentiary support.

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