Qatar’s New Stadium Looks Just Like an Amazing Vagina

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After a recent rash of penis-shaped churches and phallic firework displays, it’s refreshing to see some ladybits will soon be lighting up the night sky. Plump, pink, and cavernous, Qatar’s recently released design for their new Al Wakrah Stadium is downright vaginal. Designed for 40,000 spectators and being made in anticipation for the World Cup in eight years, the stadium’s cooling system was built with Qatar’s notoriously warm and  clammy temperatures in mind (remind you of anything?).

The designers stated that the stadium is actually shaped after an ancient dhow boat “that Qataris traditionally used for pearl diving.” Guys, you’re not making things any easier for yourselves. Vaginas are traditionally used for pearl diving, too.

The stadium will open up its labia majora – sorry, doors – by 2018, so sports fans can finally feel like they are reverse birthing themselves while enjoying an all-male soccer match.

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