Eat Drink Date

Here is a Useful Guide on How To Pronounce Everything Right at Restaurants

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You’re on a date. You have established that you are a culturally literate person. You have a degree in performance studies! You studied in Spain! You are real into the early works of Sergei Eisenstein, and — and — you volunteer at a bookstore. You are basically an Anna Wintour–Marcel Proust–Kate Middleton hybrid. And then the menu comes, and you try to order the orecchiette and your cover is blown because who knew that ear-shaped pasta is pronounced oh-ray-kee-EH-tay? Not you. (Also, not me.)

Luckily, the SFGate just compiled a guide to 100 difficult-to-pronounce foods. Impress your friends! Be embarrassed no more! Never mumble weirdly and subtly point at the menu again, because here are all the answers. Or at least, here are 100 of the answers. Not that any decent and worth-dating/worth-knowing person would judge you for your overly explicit pronunciation of “coq au vin” (it’s “kohk,” okay?), but always best to be right, you know? Smug confidence is sexy.

The full list is here, so get your flashcards ready and study up. Alternately, realize that you actually know all of these and feel real good about yourself. Either way, it’s win-win.

That is a picture of duck confit (kohn-FEE) with scallops.

[h/t The Bold Italic]