Canadian Couple Braves Subzero Temperatures to Marry in Church Without Heat

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Church without heat

Unless you are a bloodless, ethereal netherbeing, you’ve likely noticed that it’s really, really cold outside. Yet, last Friday, a couple in Montreal tied the knot in a church without heat. A pipe burst the night before, disabling the building’s boiler system. Though several other churches and a synagogue offered to host the ceremony, the couple (who, I suspect, might be the teeniest bit insane) decided to stick with their original plan. With the temperature a toe-curling -15 °C (which is 5 °F for normal, non-Canadian humans), their stalwart guests toasted with hot chocolate and did their best to stave off the shivers in winter coats.

“One tends to think that if you move your fingers they’re going to get warmer, but that’s not the case. They just get colder,” politely explained the church organist, because Canada.

See, kids? Love conquers all. But love should probably put a scarf on, and maybe some thermal socks, just to make sure love doesn’t come down with anything.