Chinese Newlyweds Release Hundreds of Pigeons, Onlookers Immediately Catch and Eat Them

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As anyone who’s visited a major city can attest, pigeons are what would happen if rodents traded the power of bowel control for flight. We’re prepared to guess that they don’t make even a cameo appearance on your My Dream Wedding Pinterest board. But for one pair of Chinese lovebirds (I’m sorry), pigeons were exactly the romantic touch their ceremony needed.

A newlywed couple in Anhui Province brought hundreds of pigeons to a lovey-dovey (again, so sorry) photo shoot on the shores of an artificial lake. Afterwards, the birds were released for good luck. Before the pigeons could return from whence they came, passersby immediately captured dozens of them.

“It’s squab and they’re edible,” explained one pigeon-snagging onlooker.

Hear that, thrifty brides? Self-caught pigeons could make a unique and economical alternative to the standard chicken-or-fish reception menu. But, as in all things, we’ll defer to Sporty Thieves on this one.

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