Enjoy a $4106 Slice of Will and Kate’s Wedding Cake

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Will and Kate

An admirer of the Royal Family put his money where his mouth is. A slice of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s eight-tier wedding cake has sold at auction for $4,106.

Okay, we get it, but – does cake not go bad? Has it been adequately refrigerated in the two and a half years since the Royal Wedding? Did the Royal Bakers have access to the latest in bionic, unperishable butter technology? Do you realize how many fresh, whole cakes you could buy with $4,106? (So many. So many of them.)

For Wills and Kate fans on a more modest budget, there’s always this.

Will and Kate fondant

Or this.

Will Kate topper

Oooooooor this.

Will and Kate pizza

Anyway, consider yourself warned. Should you encounter a mysterious, fancy slice of cake in a wealthy friend’s pantry, remember what happened to Elaine on Seinfeld.

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