Everything to Consider Before Planning Your Bruno Mars Flash Mob Wedding Proposal

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This weekend, at least two more couples got engaged by way of flash-mob proposals set to Bruno Mars’ “Marry You.” In Glasgow, Bobby Beattie popped the question in the center of a shopping mall using professional dancers, and in Chicago, Kristen Sanchez used amateur dancers, also in a shopping mall. Which makes sense: Bruno Mars flash mobs are how we propose now.

And so, because we’re in the throes of engagement season and you are definitely planning your own Bruno Mars “Marry You” flash mob proposal this very minute, we offer up four tips for turning your “Marry You” flash mob into the Bruno Mars marriage proposal of your dreams:

Choreograph Carefully

Professional dancers have the advantage of being good at dancing. Your friends and family have the advantage of being Meaningful Presences in Your Life, and also, probably, cheaper. Whichever group you choose, make sure your choreography fits your cast. Just because Jamin and Val’s friends are all spry and good at hip-hop doesn’t mean yours are. This is a long song. Breakdancing may not be in the cards for everyone.

Cast Multi-Generational

Do like Isaac Lamb and cast your parents. Or your uncles. Grandparents? I don’t know who these adorable people are. What I do know is that all the best flash mobs are multigenerational. Old married couples, or even old strangers you can pass off as old married couples on YouTube, are what you want here. If possible, also get some high school cheerleaders, for contrast.

Pace, Pace, Pace

Did I mention this song is nearly four minutes long? Yes, your beloved will love whatever you do. For the rest of us on the internet, consider some variation. Add more dancers, have some dancers go away. Do some moves with the men, try some steps ladies-only. If you’re using old people, have them come in halfway through for maximal tear-jerking. If you have the cheerleaders, they can come in now, too. Your goal is to make this look as little like a bunch of Bar Mitzvah guests doing the Hustle as possible — save that for the wedding.

Skip Costumes

This is controversial. If your dream Bruno Mars flash mob marriage proposal won’t be complete without extreme color coordination and/or matching headpieces, then you do you, you know? But I say go natural. You all just happened to show up here, disparate people from disparate places, suddenly united by the power of love and choreography. Don’t telegraph it with matching hats. Let the synchronized dance moves speak for themselves.

Image via YouTube