Indian Bride Marries Wedding Guest When Groom Doesn’t Show Up

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Indian wedding bride hands with henna

23-year-old Ponradha was jilted at the altar in India’s Kanyakumari District last week when her would-be groom skipped town. With the bride’s reputation hanging in the balance, a relative attending the wedding gamely agreed to marry Ponradha himself. He came with a toaster, left with a wife.

If only we had more details! Should we be depressed? Disturbed? Or was this just an incredibly resourceful move by Ponradha’s family? (“The ice sculptures are melting! The catering company won’t refund our deposit! And what the hell are we going to do with all of these cake pop centerpieces?”)

Though I suspect the truth isn’t quite so heartwarming, I’d like to think Ponradha’s story is a rom-com – what if she and her new husband secretly pined for each other for years? I think I see Anna Faris in this one, Hollywood.

Image via Veer