The 8 Craziest Wedding Day Arrests of All Time

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Businessman in hand cuffs

Weddings sure can be stressful: Will the weather hold up? Did we remember the rings? Will the cops act on the warrant out for my arrest today?  Sometimes with stress (and alcohol) come terrible decisions and police involvement. Here are eight sets of brides and grooms who got a little bit more than marital bliss on their special day.

1. Groom got bombed.

Britain Bomb Hoax Bridegroom

Neil McArdle realized he had committed a heinous crime: he forgot to book his wedding venue. Rather than admit this giant oversight to his bride-to-be, he decided to wait until his wedding day, sneak out to a phone booth, and call in a bomb threat to the wedding venue. I guess that way the place would be evacuated and the wedding would be off and he’d be innocent. Which might have worked out if police hadn’t caught him immediately.

2. 2 Fast 2 Furious.

Timothy Thompson was super excited to get married – so excited he was speeding at 100mph, weaving in and out of traffic, almost tipped his Jeep twice, and had to do a couple quick donuts in the church parking lot upon arrival. Rather than commend him for his lack of cold feet, the police arrested him for reckless driving and resisting arrest.

3. Til Taser do us part.



Andy and Ania Somora just wanted to have a nice wedding at a local gallery, but when the gallery owner called the cops to report unruly guests, things turned ugly. When the police tried to arrest the groom’s father, he stepped in – and here’s where things get really romantic – the police tasered the groom, and since he and his bride were holding hands, she got tasered too. They both were arrested, together. Forever.

4. Bitin’ Bride.



Sometimes the power will go to a bride’s head and she can get a little carried away. That’s exactly what happened to Bernadette Besario Catan-Keeler on her wedding night. While celebrating at a club after her wedding, Bernadette started dancing suggestively with another man, which didn’t make her new husband too happy. When he left in a huff, she followed him back to their hotel where she ripped off his shirt, threw water at him, and bit him. She was arrested for her act of bridal bloodlust.

5. Mommy issues.



Leslie Duane, 55, was arrested after slapping v daughter, aka the bride, at her daughter’s wedding. The bride’s offense? Trying to get Duane into a car because she was super drunk. The cops found her screaming and writhing in some bushes when they came to arrest her. I’m sure someday they’ll all look back on this and laugh and laugh.

6. Don’t you touch my husband.

Amy Ward and new husband Allen Herve-1483679[Source]

In the middle of an otherwise beautiful and serene wedding between Allen Herve and Amy Ward, one unruly wedding guest proved it takes one bad apple to ruin a good time. When Herve went to confront the rude guest, he punched Herve – and that’s when Ward stepped in, cracking the jerk who dared touch her new husband over the head with a glass. For her act of heroism she was escorted out of her own wedding in cuffs, but at least she can rest assured she’s already proven herself to be a devoted wife.

7. Family Brawl.


This one reads like a scene from an Adam Sandler movie: during their brother’s wedding at the Danversport Yacht Club in Boston, the two groomsmen were told that they couldn’t have anymore drinks because, ya know, they were underage. This angered the groom who freaked out at the bartender and then at the coat closet, which he tore apart. Then when the bride’s brother tried to intervene, he went after him and the two rolled on the floor, which then for some reason incensed the groom’s mother to attack the bride’s mother. She and her son were both arrested. Sounds like a great family to marry into!

8. Wedding bust.



Camilo Torres’ million dollar Caribbean wedding to his model bride was like a fantasy come true – they counted soap opera stars and entertainers amongst the guests at what was supposed to be a week-long festivity. But cops charged in moments after he said his vows and arrested Torres as one of the most influential leaders of a drug trafficking gang from Colombia. Oopsies! Guess we know who paid for the wedding.