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The Ultimate Summer Wedding 2013 Checklist (Slash Drinking Game)

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Going to a wedding this summer? Of course you are. Going to seven weddings this summer? We feel ya.

Sure, there’s something wonderful about seeing two people you love pledge their life to each other in front of their friends and family. And with cake and drinking and dancing, there’s no doubt that weddings are a good time.

But there comes a year (or two) in most peoples lives where it seems like going to weddings is all you’re doing, and after a while, the vows, the cocktail hour, the toasts, can all seem like a bit of a blur.

To help you differentiate one wedding from another this season (or, alternately, to underscore the commonalities), we’ve come up with the ultimate Summer Wedding 2013 Scavenger Hunt (or drinking game, if you prefer). From mason jars to sparkler exits, can you check all the boxes before summer’s end?


(Click the image above to download a printer-friendly version.)

 The ceremony program and/or menu were hand-drawn by the bride

 There are signs painted on wood pointing you toward the ceremony

 There’s a welcome bag that contains Advil

Source: Pinterest

 There’s a vintage typewriter for you to leave notes for the bride and groom

☑ There’s a wedding hashtag

 There’s an animal in the wedding party

 There’s a custom-designed cake topper

 There are more bridesmaids than groomsmen

 The bridesmaid dresses are J Crew

Source: Pinterest

 At least one guest wears an ironic bowtie

 Multiple people walk the bride down the aisle

Someone in the bridal party is pregnant.

You drink out of mason jars

There’s a digital photo-booth with “wacky” props

There’s a basket of flip flops to wear on the dance floor

Source: Pinterest

At least 1 edible item is monogrammed (or presented in a monogrammed box)

There’s a Sparkler Exit (where people light sparklers and the bride and groom run through).

The flower arrangements contain fruit and/or vegetables

There are decorated drinking straws (bonus point if they’re monogrammed)

The menu is written on a chalkboard

Source: Pinterest

There are cupcakes instead of a wedding cake

The table cards are edible

You’re at Table 9

There’s a girl who’s way too competitive about catching the bouquet as if that will actually make her boyfriend propose

At least one of the bride or grooms elderly family members tries to dance with you

There’s a signature drink created that tells a story of the couples meeting

Source: Pinterest

The “something blue” is her shoes

 There’s a painstakingly choreographed first dance

There’s a vegan option and it’s the only option

The bride or groom’s underage relatives never leave the vicinity of the open bar

They play the best dancing song right after they get everyone seated for dinner

“Get Lucky” plays

There are monogrammed M&Ms in the wedding colors.

The tent has chandeliers

The bride has a sports-themed garter belt

Source: Pinterest

The bride changes into a different dress for the reception

Desserts are served on a 3-tiered vintage tray

The centerpieces contain vintage books

The favors are jars of homemade jam (bonus point if the couple made them)

Your water glasses are refilled from a Bulleit Bourbon bottle.

There’s a chevron tablecloth, or chalkboard.

The bride wears a fascinator.

Source: Pinterest

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