This Burrito Wedding Cake Is Everything You’ve Ever Dreamed Of (And More)

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Artisan Cake Company’s Elizabeth Marek, who is a beautiful, mad genius, created this exquisite burrito wedding cake for a lucky Oregon couple. Apparently this happened back in May 2013, but who gives a shit, because it’s awesome. What kind of monsters would we be if we didn’t immediately bring it to your attention?

Here’s how to make a burrito cake of your own: Cut a sheet cake in half. Cover it with a fondant tortilla, delicately browned with a blowtorch. Garnish with handcrafted rice, buttercream guac and other pseudo-savory accoutrements. Marek’s cake was chocolate with peanut butter mousse, which is a travesty, considering it should obviously – obviously – be meat-flavored.

What’s next? Burritos in the shape of cakes? Cakes layered with seasoned ground beef, salsa and sour cream? Burritos stuffed with miniature cakes? Cakesadillas? The possibilities are literally endless.

Watch Marek’s video of the finished burrito to enjoy all the gorgeous details – it’s entirely edible, including the napkin, except for the tinfoil – although our new favorite pastry chef admittedly falls short of Ron Howard-caliber narration. (“This is a food cake. A cake that looks like food.” Uh, okay.)

Image via Facebook