Want a Celebrity at Your Wedding? Just Ask The Internet!

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The internet is a magical, wonderful place where we can buy shoes, find a mate, stalk our exes, and now, get celebrities to do whatever we want simply by purchasing a domain name. Even Jon Bon Jovi himself couldn’t ignore the cry from, a site created by Branca Delik who wanted her Vegas wedding to fiancée Gonzalo Cladera to outdo all of your wildest wedding fantasies. And sure enough, Mr. Jovi showed up to her October 12th wedding at the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas and walked her down that aisle!

So, learn WordPress and ye shall receive! It doesn’t even have to be a good website apparently, it just needs to exist and celebrities are obligated to bend to your very will. Plus, this probably works just as well with hashtags on Twitter and Facebook pages – doesn’t matter the medium (but maybe not Medium), just as long as it’s out there.

So I officially call dibs on these domain names: