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This Is Why I’m Single: Jason Segel

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We’ve heard from a lot of people about why they’re single: alien conventions, spandex, renaissance faires, children’s books, and cats are just a few of the things that our readers say are keeping them single.

For Jason Segel, it was something else.

According to the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly:

“By the time Segel was in his 20’s, his obsession was apparent to anyone who set foot in his tiny one-bedroom apartment: ‘All there was decorating it were Muppet figurines and Muppet posters – until I realized maybe that was why I was still single,’ he says.”

Don’t worry, Jason. We get it.

So, why are you single? Send us a picture that fits the caption “This Is Why I’m Single,” and we’ll post it here on The Date Report!