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This Brilliant App Fakes Phone Calls to Rescue You From Bad Dates

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There are times when it would be real nice to get a strategic phone call. Someone is hitting on you, say, and it’s real gross. You’re on a date, and it’s terrible. The person from high school you just ran into on the street has been talking for 25 minutes now. Designers Alex Cornell and Phil Mills get it. And so they designed Tickle, an app that uses your phone’s accelerometer to fake phone calls. You just subtly jostle your phone (itchy pants, you know?) and Tickle makes it ring. You step out to take the not-call — “Oh no, what terrible news!” you say — and bam! You have to go now. Problem solved.

Sadly, Tickle is still in private beta, but Cornell and Mills invite you to join the waiting list to get notified when they actually launch. And you should — it’s the least awkward thing you can do.

[h/t Laughing Squid]