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Modern Dating


Every Stage of Your Relationship as Represented by Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream

Bad first date? Good first date? Moving in? Breaking up? Ben and Jerry have a flavor for that.

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In Saigon, American-Style Dating Is Beating out Tradition

“I romanticized their culture while they romanticized mine.”

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Before Tinder, Finding A Date Involved Slot Machines, Surveys, and Smell Tests

Love in the time without Tinder.

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Missed Connections

Missed Connections: Why You Actually Should Send That Follow-Up Text

Because maybe — just maybe — you didn’t actually get my text/email/voicemail/carrier pigeon/whatever.

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Class Acts

New Breakup Trend? Non-Gwyneth Woman Sends Out “Conscious Uncoupling” Press Release

Classier than an angry Facebook status, more efficient than calling all your friends in tears.

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This Algorithm Is the Best Way to Fairly Divide Your Things After a Breakup

After a breakup, how can a couple fairly split stuff they can’t cut in half, like a shared apartment? With mathematics, naturally.

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What He Really Thinks About Your Online Dating Profile

Let’s hear it from the boys.

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Modern Love

I Love You, I Just Don’t Want to Share My Facebook Location With You

Facebook’s new “Nearby Friends” feature takes intimacy far beyond a shared Netflix password.

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19 Times You Become a Totally Different Person When You’re in a New Relationship

When you start things up with someone new, you start to shed your Secret Single Behaviors for NRBs, or New Relationship Behaviors.

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What the Complicated Love Lives of Thailand’s Ladyboys Tell Us About Gender

In Thailand, two men falling in love aren’t really gay.

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13 People You Will See on Tinder

Hipsters and tiger-lovers and humanitarians, oh my!

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10 Ways Science Can Make You a Better Flirt

These 10 science-approved flirting techniques will up your game in no time.

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OkCupid is Telling Its Users Not to Use Firefox, and the Reason Why is Kind of Awesome

OkCupid has an awesome message for the new CEO of Mozilla.

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Who Pays?

Going Dutch: Dating in the Age of the Female Breadwinner

The Lily Ledbetter Act wasn’t supposed to play out like this

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Yes Please

Movie Theaters Might Cut Prices Once a Week Because No One Goes to the Movies Anymore

Dating game-changer.

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Big Questions

How Do We Really Date and Have Sex Today? This Study is Trying To Find Out

Pace University wants to hear all about that guy you met last night, in the name of research.

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And Then I Never Heard From Him Again: The Awful Rise of Ghosting

Disappearing is one of the most popular ways to end a modern romance. And it is not acceptable.

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Being Single

Watch This Guy Explain Cockblocking to His Grandparents

Don’t worry. Grandmas got your balls — I mean back!

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Awesome Advice from a Pro Photographer on Perfecting Your Dating Profile Picture

Are you hurting your chances at finding a great match because of your profile pictures?

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Big Questions

Is It Ever Okay to Leave Someone in the Middle of the Night?

There is no not-shitty way to leave someone in the middle of the night. But some ways are less shitty than others.

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