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Single Commuters Can Now Speed Date on the LA Metro for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day doesn’t really matter, right? You don’t care about this Hallmark holiday anyway. It’s liberating to be the Bridget Jones of your friend group. But wait — there’s a last minute speed dating opportunity in the Los Angeles Metro (yes, the do have a subway in LA), there’s still hope for a big Valentine’s Day date that won’t be spent watching The Daily Show while a pint of Rocky Road balances on your tummy!

This Friday riders can register for Speed Dating on the Red Line. From 11am-1pm riders can board decorated cars and take a chance at finding love. Don’t worry about knowing who’s participating because registered riders will have wristbands on. As long as you ride on the last car towards North Hollywood Station or the first car towards Union Station, you can participate in the rom-com ready event. Check out Speed Dating on the Red Line’s info page for train schedules and rules of the ride. And don’t be skeptical at all of a person who has a Friday afternoon free to ride the rails looking for love. They’re all probably out of work actors. LA, amirite?!

If you can’t attend the event it’s not your last chance at a meet-cute on the train: apparently everyone tends to gravitate towards an empty seat next to a woman on public transportation.

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