Valentine's Day

Teens Hate Valentine’s Day and (Apparently) Love Being Wrong

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In their never-ending pursuit to ruin everything (Exhibit A: the selfie), teenagers have spoken out about their feelings on Valentine’s Day. Pulling out all the lunchroom stops, teens recently polled by Pinterest ripoff We Heart It had little nice to say about Valentine’s, even going so far as to call it “lame.”

Polling almost 25,00 people ages 13 to 24, We Heart It asked teens how they felt about Valentine’s, and whoa were the results disappointing. Long gone were the days of passing Valentines to one another during class. No one wanted any candy hearts. Really, no one ever wanted candy hearts, but you get the idea. To sum everything up, the poll found that teens didn’t “buy into” Valentine’s (because cool kidz don’t feel) and that’s just plain awful.

Now, I’m not one to mince words and indeed, sometimes things are straight bogus – Cruel Intentions 2 (actually a prequel, mind you), the Puppy Bowl, Light Ranch Dressing. But, something that is most assuredly super-awesome and not, to quote a post from New York magazine, “over-rated, disappointing, painful, old-fashioned, and lame,” is Valentine’s Day. At least, it doesn’t have to be. Granted, being a teenager kind of bites the big one for a lot of people. Unless you’re one of those early bloomers or have a serious sense of self that fosters an inherent tranquility in your hormone clusterfuck of a body, things can get sort of messy. But that’s why we have holidays, to remind use that stuff is correctly-valued, fulfilling, soothing, new-age, and fun/exciting! So come on, teens! Wear some red/pink/maybe-white-I-guess, buy some candy, and spread some love. There’s nothing wrong with a few feelings.